Saturday, August 29, 2015


This post is on the first page all the time ,
because it is my presentation .

My name is Jenny Eve .
I'm French and i apologize for my bad English language …. 
I'm an independent  Textile Artisan , Couturier . 
I have my own style , my character , i don't make garment "fashionable" , i prefer to think "timeless" 
All garments and accessories are made , photographed and packed by me . 
Many of them are solely hand stitched , hand embroidered , without mechanical sewing,
because I don't like using the sewing machine so much ( but sometimes it is necessary ) 
and i think hand sewing is more decorative . 
They are Piece Unique , One of  a kind .

I admire the hand made work by generations of women
which preceded us ,
i love the poetry and the imperfections found in this work.

I love beautiful old materials ,
finest and precious antique lace ,
vintage ethnic treasuries .

I collect and recycle them in my creations .

To create new garments and accessories with old materials,
is to give them a second ,
a new and different life,
to bring them out of oblivion.

I'm passionate by the ethnic costume history in all the world ,
i collect books , fabrics , garments ,
my life atmosphere is full of them ,
i live "in and with" them all the time 
and they are source of inspiration.

" Art and Beauty make our existences bearable"
I built a cocoon work life atmosphere around me ,
to create for my kind maecenas customers all around the world
beautiful garments and accessories ,
trying to give to them some dreams ……

All my garment creations are unique ,
for unique women ,
because we are all unique !

Here on internet,
I share many beautiful moments with customers all over the world .
Thank you, all you wonderful women :)

Sometimes , with humor , i play to be model in my creations show that a small woman like me
( i'm 1,59 cm / 5'2" ) and curvy ( i'm FR 42 / US 12 ) can wear my garments.
I absolutely don't create for gigantic top models wearing xxs sizes because they are not the reality!

Please , be yourself and think like Iris Apfel :

Thank you for your visit and interest.
For any request concerning my work , please contact me at :

Jenny Eve