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ABOUT JEVDA , Work Life Atmosphere

My name is Jenny Eve .
I'm French and I apologize for my bad English language ….

For this reason (the bad English language) my presentation will be short !
I'm an independent  Textile Artisan , Couturier .

I have my own style, my character, I don't make garments "fashionable", I prefer to think "timeless"

All garments and accessories are made and photographed by me .
Most of them are hand-stitched, hand-embroidered, without mechanical sewing, because I don't like using the sewing machine so much, but sometimes it is necessary.

I think the hand-sewing is more decorative. It takes much longer time, but the result is delicate, with soul. To sew by hand is a tactile meeting between me, the textures and my creations. It can be as a sort of meditation too, the mind travels, the work grows slowly with maturity during its process.

I admire the hand made work by generations of women
which preceded us ,
I love the poetry and the imperfections found in this work.
I continue this tradition.

I love beautiful old materials ,when they were handmade ,
From vintage ethnic treasuries to finest and precious antique lace.

They inspire me , I collect and use them in my creations .
To create new garments and accessories with old materials,
is to give them a second ,
a new and different life,
to bring them out of oblivion.
And it is a way to recycle , which is something important !

Silks embroidered, velvets, organzas, beads, ornaments ....... all had previous life 
before coming to my hands.
They have the beautiful quality and patina from the past, 
precious value that we don't find in the mass produced new materials.

I'm passionate by the ethnic costume history in all the world ,
I collect books , fabrics , garments ,
my life atmosphere is full of them ,
I live "in and with" them all the time and they are source of inspiration.

" Art and Beauty make our existences bearable"
I built a cocoon work life atmosphere around me ,
to be able to create for my kind customers all around the world garments and accessories, trying to share with them some dreams coming from my head , made with my hands and ... with my heart.

Sometimes , with humor , i play to be model in my creations show that a small woman like me
( I'm 1,59 cm / 5'2" ) and curvy ( i'm FR 42 / US 10 ) can wear my garments.
I absolutely don't create for gigantic top models wearing xxs sizes because they are not the reality!
And i'm not 16 years old either , but 47 .
I try to create garments for all sorts of bodies .

Don't be shy, express yourself with fantasy , it is good for the mood.

Thank you for your visit and interest.
For any request concerning my work , please contact me at :

Jenny Eve / Jevda


This post is my presentation , it is on the first page all the time, don't be surprised to see it at each visit ......


Classic Black / Grey / Grey Taupe
Stole / Scarf

Piece Unique

SMOKY TAUPE is created in an up cycled black organza silk woven grey , Ikat motif .
The fringes are made with wool / acrylic threads :
3 different black & 1 grey taupe

Vintage coins from Afghanistan / Pakistan are sewn on the front. 
As ornament , a long Afghan metallic bead.

This grey silk has changing shades, touches of light blue or pink , depending the light , the movement.

The lining is a black organza silk.
Raw hems.

Dimensions :
The front length (the more longer on the left ) is approx 50".
Width 28".
The stole is permanently closed on the front , an easy way to wear it quickly.

Price 230 USD + worldwide shipping 22 USD
Installment payments are possible , don't hesitate to ask to me and we can plan what is the best for you :

If you are interested to buy it immediately , to facilitate the payment , you will find at the end of this page a button to order and to pay it thru PayPal where (if you don't have a PayPal account) various methods of payment with bank / credit cards are proposed.

Cleaning instructions : 
Hand wash with lukewarm water. 
Wring it delicately to have the crumple aspect. 
To dry it on a hanger.

Colors and Light may vary depending your screen.
Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries , condition maybe apparent .
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials.

Thank you for your visit and interest in my work

Jenny Eve / Jevda
Terms of Sales and Shipping Informations are here :

SMOKY TAUPE 230 USD + 22 USD Shipping