A work on a Japanese Haori jacket in silk.

Shibori is a Japanese manual resit dyeing technique ( tie & dye )
which produces pattern on fabric.

It is difficult to give a specific date for the Japanese clothes. If you look on books or other information sources , the date ranges are rarely specific , but between 20 to 30 years for one dating. I have many documentations about them , I try to be the most exact I can in the dates .
Concerning this model , I have to recognize : I don't know ! I don't find something similar !
Maybe 1980s?

The Haori is a traditional Japanese jacket which is worn over the kimono , to go outside.
I changed the shape of this Haori , making by hand-sewn pleats on the front, a cocoon form .

You can wear it both sides . This side , in silk with spirale shibori pattern ( color purple / Aubergine / grey ) is originally the inside of the Haori . Haori seams are blind stitched, and many of them have amazing linings: the inside is covered by the half, or less, as well as the sleeves, with different motifs, colors, than the fabric used to make the jacket. 
This combination is very interesting, it is for this reason, when the lining is fantastic, I turn it inside out to wear it that way.

To preserve the hoary "roots" , who are worn open or  eventually little closed  by an elegant knot with two silk cords ( himo ) ,to have the possibility to glimpse and to admire the kimono , I made 2 stripes with up-cycled Indian silk , printed flowers finished on each side by long beaded pendants  ( vintage rosary beads in black wood from 1940s , in purple from 1950s , Lampwork glass beads pale pink and mauve / silver from India )

You can open or close easily the stripes , with a magnetic fastener .The silk striped , who looks grey anthracite , is , when you look closely , navy blue , black and burgundy . A masculine style

Measurements :
Sleeve to sleeve : 50 inch / 126 cm
Length Back : 29 inch / 74 cm
Length MiddleFront : 27 inch / 68 cm
Width : 47 inch / 119 cm + 4inch / 10 cm stripe closed
wearable for a size S/M

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As you can see , the silk dyed with the Shibori technique is textured .

Colors and Light may vary depending your screen.
Sometimes marking , irregularities or imperfect embroideries / colors , condition maybe apparent .
This should not be considered as imperfection and are the characteristic of vintage materials and craft method of dyeing.
It can happen , on the Haori , to have a little smell of mothballs when you open the parcel, or when you iron it with steam, but it will disappear when aired.

Thank you for your visit and interest in my work

Jenny Eve
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Terms of Sales and Shipping Informations

Price 280 USD + 30 USD shipping
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